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El Tío sin Chorra
El Tío sin Chorra
First and foremost, excuse me for posting this thread in english. Although I'm spanish, I visit PlayerAdvance regularly because I think it's a great dev community. It's just that my french language level isn't too good .

Well, I'm doing a RPG for the GBA using HEL and AAS libraries. I just wanted to show you the game a bit.

Galerie d'images

Comment jouer ?
A button: accept
B button: cancel
L button: decrease brightness
R button: increase brightness
L + R buttons: restore brightness
Start button: start and pause
Select button: show CPU usage

21/03/2008: PA 7 anniversary demo. Changes:
- Texts translated to french thanks to Greeeg.
- CPU value modified: now it shows max CPU usage detected instead of an average of all values detected.
- Sprite rotation bug fixed.
- Poison bug fixed: if battle was finished because someone was killed by poison damage the game showed weird behaviour.
- HEL version number fixed.
- Bar timmings adjusted a bit.

17/02/2008: first and mostly incomplete demo of the battle system.

Autres Informations
Other download:
French demo
French demo (link 2)

Spanish demo
Spanish demo (link 2)

Videos :
First demo of the battle system
Alcoholic monster special attack
Ghost special attack
Menu video

This is an incomplete demo of the battle system. The baddies development is mostly done, but you only can do simple attacks and there's no animation for them .

Please try the demo a few times, because the baddies, the backgrounds and the intros change with each reset.

The battle system is similar to the system used in Grandia games, but with a bunch of changes (for example, there's no magic points).

I'm using the following libraries to make the game:
- HEL (on top of HAM) for main hardware access. If you are doing something with HAM change NOW to HEL .
- AAS for playing mods and wavs. Good sound quality and crazy performance.
- HAM for managing a BG that needs to be updated in real-time (for transparency effects on top of sprites).

And the tools I'm using are these:
- Visual HAM for programming and compiling and stuff like that.
- gfx2gba for converting graphic files to GBA useable data.
- GBA Crusher for compressing background data.
- SoX for converting wavs to a suitable format for the AAS converter.
- Katie for convert the gfx automatically to a suitable format.

Thanks to these great libs and tools, although the Youtube videos are a bit sh*tty, the game runs at a constant 60fps .


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