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taito.bob 05/02/2018 23h48

Who owns Offline List GBA?
I've been working on a personal project that will probably be online before too long. It's an app for GBA owners that makes it easier to work with ROMs. It doesn't do anything new, but brings a bunch of different projects together nicely.

There's a database, some software and an SDK on `http://offlinelistgba.free.fr` that is all really useful, and I'm using their data as a source in my app.

I was hoping to find out who they are, just to make sure they are ok with what I'm doing, and to ask a few questions about the data too.

Does anyone know how I could get in touch with anyone associated with the project please?

Biduleman 19/02/2018 08h21

The Offline List was technically replouf66's project, updated and maintained by the PlayerAdvance community. All the screenshots were made by the members to be used in pair with the .dat to display roms informations within the OfflineList or GBATemps equivalent (I don't remember the name of the software).

The best way to use the data is to use your program to fetch the screenshots from the site (don't distribute the pictures yourself) with the appropriate sources mentioned. Same thing for the .dat, you should probably link to the OfflineList instead of distributing it. Actually, the latest version of the OfflineList had the URL for the pictures straight into the .dat, which were actually just xml files in the latest version.

So if you link to the source of the dat (here is the latest official one, but you can also find a bunch of others here.

The dats were meant to be used as easy to use database of information for the roms, so unless you're selling your software or taking credit for the work, I'm pretty sure there is no problem with using the data.

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