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Rules of PA FullColor Compo 2007
PA FullColor Compo 2007
Give Rainbow Colors to your Gameboy games!


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- Rules of PA FullColor Compo 2007 -

This contest is for all. It's for create a library of colors files intended for Brunni emulators which allows to fully recolor your Game Boy games. To take part in this contest you must recolor a Gameboy game and post the .pal.ini file. These files will be intended to be used and integrated on Masterboy PSP, DS or in VBA (on special Brunni release). The close time of the contest is fixed at Dec. 23rd 2007 23h59. Winners will be announced at end of December after test and deliberation of judges. It's possible to post several projects by people in this contest. Moderators and administrators of Playeradvance are obviously except of this contest.

- How to post my project? -

You can post now your(s) .pal.ini file(s) in this section. If you do not know how to make a color project you can see this or directly on Brunni's website.

You must post your project and the following data:
- Your name
- The Gameboy game you colored
- The editor and the game release date
- Some screenshots
- A link of your official website if it exist
- The .pal.ini file

Here, an exemple.

Any ROM link, or any warez link will immediately delete your project and your inscription to this contest. The PlayerAdvance Team does not approve the hacking but defends the right to the private copy and the freedom of the homebrew development.

- Votes -

The votes will take place from Dec. 24th to Dec. 30th and all projects will be judged in these points :
- Game choice and difficulty of its coloration
- Colors choice
- Colors finitions
You can post a MP to may be on of our judges.

A public poll will also take place on website for all. Public poll will be 2 votes of the jury (on 15).

- Winners prizes -

The prizes of the contest are these follow (maybe more):
- 2 R6 Gold
- 2 R6 Silver
- 2 Neo 4in1 Mini PSP Converter

The prizes will be done in the following way:
- the first will choose it prize from all prize
- the second will choose it one
-... it will finish when the last prize is take.

You may only win one prize.

Thank to NeoFlash Team which is our sponsor on this contest.
And Special Thanks to Brunni for all it work which it provided to do it contest for resurection of Gameboy which is just less than 20 years old...

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